Victrix Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller: The customizable pro-style Xbox controller is now over 50% off at GameStop


GameStop is currently offering the Victrix Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller at a discounted price of $40, down from its original price of $100. This customizable controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC is great for competitive multiplayer and specifically caters to an ultra-fast input processing time and crystal-clear audio to keep communication channels open and lag-free. Additionally, the controller comes with interchangeable pieces that allow players to customize their device to their liking. This includes a unique D-Pad, conventional cross D-pad, and four swappable thumbsticks, including tall and domed sticks that are ideal for FPS games.

In addition to physical customization, the Victrix smartphone app offers the ability to create custom audio profiles, recalibrate analog sticks and triggers, remap inputs, and run diagnostics. The Victrix Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller is an excellent choice for PC or Xbox gamers who sit close to their monitors given its wired connection, which comes with a roughly 10-foot braided cable. It’s an incredible deal at over 50% off and also includes a rear trigger panel on the back of the controller with four customizable inputs, trigger locks to reduce pull distance, and a carrying case.

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