Retro Gaming at Its Best: Gamer Connects Nintendo Switch to Old CRT TV with Stunning Results!

David Wolinsky

A gamer used some modern methods to hook up and play their Nintendo Switch on a cathode-ray tube (CRT) television and shared their efforts on social media, which caught the attention of other users. In their post, some gamers asked how they were able to get the Switch to connect to an older display and why they would do so, considering the obvious lack of HDMI ports on CRT televisions and the fact that the Nintendo console itself was released in 2017. However, when it comes to playing games in unconventional ways, there is no shortage of examples on social media to pull inspiration from.

Whether it’s playing Halo Infinite on a CRT TV as a way to relive the memories of many Halo LAN parties in the 2000s, or finding ways to introduce retro gaming to younger generations using modern methods, there are plenty of creative ways for gamers to enjoy and share their favorite titles. While some may not see the purpose of hooking up a high-definition console to a standard-definition display, one gamer did just that using a readily available method.

On Reddit, a user named MasterDimentio90 posted a picture on the r/gaming subreddit which showed their Switch’s home menu on display on Panasonic CRT TV. By using an HDMI to AV converter, which is regularly available for under $20 at most retailers, MasterDimentio90 connected their Switch to the front side composite ports of their Panasonic CRT TV. Though other gamers were able to play games such as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on a CRT TV, any Switch game will obviously look compressed when converted down from 1080p to 480i, as was the case with MasterDimentio90’s Switch. For their effort, the post on r/gaming received over 1.1k upvotes.

Though it was proven that CRT TVs make retro games look better, it is up for debate if the same can be said for some modern games and consoles. However, as proven by MasterDimentio90, anyone can play their favorite Nintendo titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on any display they want to.

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