Fortnite Introduces a New Smart Weapon – The Long-Awaited Lock On Pistol


Fortnite’s strength is that the game constantly adds varied weapons to keep things fresh. This comes down to unvaulting old weapons and creating brand-new ones. The latter is the deal this time around, as a brand-new pistol has finally dropped after being hinted at in a Chapter 4 Season 2 trailer. The Lock On Pistol has finally arrived around the island for players to test out on unsuspecting foes. If you are familiar with the Smart Pistol from Titanfall, this new addition to the battle royale behaves similarly. You get a circular aiming window, and the pistol will automatically track enemies that are highlighted in the circle.

Every player knows that Fortnite has plenty of weapons with varying degrees of difficulty. However, this is the first Fortnite gun ever tp do the work for you in a fight. This trait makes it incredibly unique, and you can probably bet it will cause your next handful of deaths. It might sound only good in certain contexts, but you don’t need to have a target to fire it. Fortunately, outside of fights, it still operates like a normal pistol. The only difference is that the crosshair is way more involved than your average weapon. The special mechanics of this weapon feel like it should be relegated to a Mythic rarity and be hidden away, but it is much more common than that.

You can actually find this new pistol anywhere, which will certainly turn the tide of battle. This is likely the most high-profile new pistol release that Fortnite has done in a while, and that includes the Tactical Pistol. This could very easily become the start of the smart weapon revolution for the battle royale, so now’s a good time to become an expert with the Lock On Pistol.

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