Earn Hype in Fortnite Arena’s points system and climb the ranks


If you’re looking for a challenge in Fortnite, Arena is the place to go. Introduced in late 2022, it offers ranked Divisions, a range of game modes, and in-game rewards to players who have what it takes. However, you need to climb the ranks and earn Hype to access these rewards.

Hype is what sets you apart in Fortnite Arena. It’s a points system that determines your rank and the level of competition you face. The more Hype you have, the higher your rank and the tougher the opponent.

You can earn Hype by playing Fortnite Arena matches. Everything from eliminations to a Victory Royale will earn you different amounts of Hype. Once you have enough Hype, you can progress to the next Division. Win enough Hype in each major Division, and you’ll be promoted to the next League, where competition is even tougher.

The Open League has four Divisions, each one requiring 400 Hype to progress. Once you reach Division Four, you’ll need to start paying the Bus Fare, which increases as you climb the ranks. This means that to rank up at the higher levels, you’ll need to earn at least as much Hype as you spend on the Bus Fare—meaning more eliminations and more time spent surviving. From Division Five onwards, players must pay the Bus Fare every time they enter a match.

It’s good to know that at the start of each season, Fortnite Arena resets every player’s Hype to zero. This means that to climb the ranks, it’s best to start playing as early in the season as possible.


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