Dragon Noka to Be Released on PS4 via Backward Compatibility


Playism and developer GeSEI Unkan have announced that Drago Noka will be coming to PS4, via the PlayStation Store, on April 28th. Previously available on PC and Nintendo Switch, the game is a farming life simulator set in a world where humans live atop giant dragons. The game has an 81% positive rating on Steam, but with no Metacritic reviews available yet.

Players can expect to settle in new villagers with unique skills, recruit them, work together, and build together to create the village of their desire, taking care of villagers’ needs, farming, blacksmithing, fishing, sewing, cooking, synthesizing, and raising farm animals to create and craft items.

Though it may not be as popular as Nintendo favorites like Super Mario and Metroid Dread, it is a welcome addition to the ability to play a variety of games on your PlayStation. Stay tuned with our publication for additional news regarding PS4 and upcoming PS5 games.


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