Get Ready to Throw Down with DNF Duel Review for Nintendo Switch – The Ultimate Casual Fighting Game!

Hayley Williams

We’re in something of a fighting game renaissance right now. Games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Them’s Fightin Herds, Skullgirls, GuiltyGear -Strive-, Tekken, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and the looming release of Street Fighter 6 leave no shortage of choice in the genre.

DNF Duel is a four-button fighter game that comes close to understanding the core of fighting genres – a duel between two combatants to determine who has greater mastery over their chosen character. It’s easy to pick up and play any character as every hero follows the same combo structure. Every fighter has a unique heavy attack and special that can change depending on the direction of the left stick. This feature makes it a great system that fighting games offer as an alternative to complex inputs, and fighters welcome it. The game has pleasing visuals, and the OST is perfect to experience.

The problems arise when you realize that basically every combo is going to start the exact same way. Heavy attacks and specials leave you open for a bit, so it’s best to start a combo with light or medium attacks. However, the primary issue is that they don’t change and are predictable, making it effortless to predict your opponent’s move every single time. Predictability gives the game a single, optimal approach: Jump towards your opponent and flail wildly to catch them off guard for a single hit so you can start a combo. Although it boils down the approach to a rock, paper, scissors game, which can be fun, the lack of depth and balance gets old fast.

The game could have worked if each character was carefully balanced, but DNF Duel failed to balance it as every character is overpowered in their way. Again, this imbalance is cool at first, but playing for a while, certain characters just don’t stand a chance against others.

The game is enjoyable and has decent graphics. The game lacks rollback netcode, but the online play is surprisingly stable if you can find a match. The switch version lacks enough player, and they should add rollback and cross-play in the future. The game looks great with an anime art style and smooth frame rate; it brings a more casual fighting game experience captivates even with the noticeable drop in resolution and overall quality.

In conclusion, DNF Duel is a great fighting game for beginners, but it lacks depth and balance to be competitive. It’s good for a more casual and laid back experience with some great visuals.

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