Digital Artist Pays Tribute to Xbox 360 with Nostalgic Drawing


A digital artist, Amadeus Chavez created a beautiful and nostalgic painting titled “Simpler Times,” paying homage to the Xbox 360. As an expert of the Procreate app on iPad, Chavez expressed his fascination with the popular console from Microsoft’s seventh-generation, which experience a golden age in the early 2010s. Chavez expertly captured the moment with an Xbox 360 and a matching controller sitting on a table with three of the 360’s iconic green game boxes between them.

Chavez’s digital painting is impressive, evident from the attention to detail and painted feel of the piece. The Xbox logo in the disc tray and the green quarter circle that shows that the console has one controller connected, are some of the impressionable details in the painting.

Amadeus Chavez’s artwork throws back to the golden era of the Xbox 360. To complement the console, the iconic black controller and classic games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 are placed on the table’s surface.

This isn’t the first time that Amadeus Chavez has drawn a nostalgic throwback to the consoles of yesteryear. The remarkable nostalgia expressed in this piece captures a world years before the current generation of gaming consoles. “Simpler Times” serves as part of the series chronicling the artist’s life through the games and consoles he played, and it effectively captures the essence of a time that many find cherishable.

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