Gear Up for the Zombie Apocalypse: Don’t Miss the Last Chance for Dead Island 2 Preorder Bonuses Before Its Launch Tomorrow!

David Wolinsky

Dead Island fans’ wait is finally over as Dead Island 2 is launching on April 21 for various platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. If you have been eagerly waiting to slaughter zombies, hurry up and preorder the game to avail of exclusive bonuses.

The Hell-A edition, which is priced at $100, is still available to preorder, providing the ultimate immersive experience with a steelbook case, Venice Beach Travel Map, and other collectibles. Best Buy is also offering an exclusive Dead Island 2 steelbook case with every preordered physical copy.

The standard edition- the Day One edition- along with the Pulp Weapons Pack, Golden Weapons Pack, Character Pack 1 & 2 and Expansion Pass- is priced at $90. Alternatively, the digital-only deluxe edition comes with the Golden Weapons Pack and Character Pack 1 & 2 starting at $65.

All Dead Island 2 preorders come with Memories of Banoi Pack, which includes Banoi War Club, Memories of Banoi Baseball Bat, a balanced Weapon Perk, and Personal Space Skill Card.

Preorder Dead Island 2 now and get ready for the ultimate zombie-slaying experience with an array of bonus items. Are you ready for the apocalypse?

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