Cococucumber’s Ravenlok to join Xbox Game Pass in May 2023


Microsoft has revealed one of the first new arrivals that will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in May 2023. 

Announced by developer and publisher Cococucumber recently, the upcoming action RPG Ravenlok is set to be added to Xbox Game Pass on May 4th, which is the same day as its worldwide launch. Ravenlok is the third game from Cococucumber to feature a voxel-based art style following the likes of Riverbond and Echo Generation. It will also be coming to both the console and PC tiers of Xbox Game Pass, which means it will be accessible to play everywhere.

“Kira and her family have moved into their new home in the countryside, inherited from a missing relative,” says the official story description of Ravenlok. “While investigating a dusty barn, Kira stumbles through a mirror into a magical realm. Dazed and confused, a world of fantasy greets her, filled with curious characters and menacing monsters. In this troubled land, Kira takes up the mantle as Ravenlok; with a sword and shield in hand, she begins an epic journey to save the fallen Realm of Dunia from the clutches of a tyrannical queen.”

Outside of Ravenlok, we already know of two other games that will be available on Xbox Game Pass next month. The first happens to be Redfall, which is the latest first-party release from Xbox Game Studios. Redfall will likely be one of the biggest additions of the year on Game Pass. The second game will be Amnesia: The Bunker, which is the latest entry in the popular horror series. The Bunker recently saw its launch date delayed just a bit, but it will still be rolling out before May sees its end.

Are you going to look to check out Ravenlok for yourself when it lands on Xbox Game Pass? And how do you feel about May 2023’s lineup based on what we know so far? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12. 


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