Get Ready to Catch ‘Em All with Cassette Beasts, the New Pixel Art Game Coming to Nintendo Switch!

David Wolinsky

Bytten Studios and Raw Fury are launching Cassette Beasts, a new take on the monster-fusing RPG genre coming to consoles, including Nintendo Switch on May 25. It’s a quirky game that allows players to collect monsters, fuse with them using cassette tapes, and fight battles with special creatures.

Cassette Beasts has a rich open-world with colorful and beautifully crafted monsters, bringing back 80’s vibes and synthy soundtrack. It is set in the otherworldly adventure with spooky twists and turns that involve the Archangels with a captivating storyline. The game provides a deep battle system using elemental chemistry and is filled with puzzle-solving, which requires some monster abilities used in human form such as swimming, climbing, and gliding. Players can turn magnetic or even fly and dash, adding to the game’s charm.

For Cassette Beasts, which was initially released for PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, Bytten Studios founders Hay Bayliss and Tom Coxon drew from their over two decades of experience in the indie pixel art scene and even previously worked on the extremely popular indie sensation Stardew Valley.

Players can team up for local co-op multiplayer and Steam Remote Play Together for up to two participants, allowing more experienced players to help those that are new to the game. There are thousands of creature fusion combos to experiment with, ultimately combining the strengths of both forms from different companions.

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