Unleash Your Inner Predator: CARRION Swarms onto PlayStation 5

David Wolinsky

Publisher Devolver Digital and Phobia Game Studio announced the launch of CARRION on PS5. A reverse horror game, CARRION’s gameplay is centered around the role of an amorphous creature whose origins are unknown. The creature has to consume those who put it in imprisonment and spread terror to gain freedom from the prison.

The game features the player adapting the persona of an abnormal creature whose sole aim is to spread fear and panic. With each passing stage, players get more and more comfortable, unlocking abilities that let them terrorize even further.

The game is already available on platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam, and now, the game has made its path to PlayStation 5. Fans of horror games can watch the launch trailer of the PlayStation 5 version on the official Devolver Digital YouTube channel.


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