Can You Play Honkai Star: Rail on Steam Deck? Here’s the answer


Honkai Star: Rail is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023, and players are eager to know if they can access it on Steam Deck. Many players are unsure whether the new Gacha game will be accessible from the handheld PC, which is a powerful handheld computer that can play a variety of modern and classic titles from a player’s Steam library.

After thorough research, it has been determined that Honkai Star: Rail is not coming to Steam, instead, it’s launching for PC on its own platform that players can register for now. If players are willing to perform the necessary steps to get Windows 10 installed on their Steam Deck, then they will be able to play Honkai Star: Rail on the handheld PC.

However, the game’s Anti-Cheat software may cause problems with Honkai Star: Rail running on Steam Deck. In the past, some Anti-Cheat programs have not run properly on Steam Deck, leading players to not access games that use it. But, if players go the Windows 10 route, they shouldn’t have issues with this particular Anti-Cheat program.

With Honkai Star: Rail launching on April 26, only time will tell whether Steam Deck owners can handle the hardware and play the game smoothly.

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