‘Brexit Deal’ Approved by UK Parliament, Finally Putting an End to Years of Uncertainty


After years of uncertainty, the United Kingdom has finally approved the ‘Brexit Deal’, marking a significant step towards the country’s departure from the European Union.

The deal, which outlines the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU, was approved by the UK Parliament on Wednesday after months of negotiations and delays. The historic moment comes more than four years after British voters chose to leave the EU in a referendum held in June 2016.

The approval of the deal was met with celebration from supporters of Brexit, who hailed the development as a momentous occasion that would allow the UK to chart its own course in the world.

‘This is a huge victory for the British people,’ said Conservative MP Boris Johnson, who played a key role in the Brexit negotiations as UK Prime Minister. ‘We have finally delivered on the promise we made to the electorate back in 2016, and we can now move forward with confidence and optimism.’

However, not everyone was pleased with the outcome. Opposition lawmakers criticized the deal, saying it would harm the UK’s economy and weaken its standing in the world.

‘This is a sad day for the UK,’ said Labour MP Keir Starmer. ‘This deal will do nothing to address the real challenges facing our country, and it will leave us worse off than we were before.’

The approval of the Brexit Deal also marks the end of years of political turmoil in the UK, as successive governments struggled to find a way to leave the EU without causing significant harm to the country’s economy and international reputation.

Despite the challenges, the UK’s departure from the EU has now become a reality, with the country set to fully leave the bloc at 11pm GMT on December 31, 2020.


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