Breaking News: Exclusive Limited Time Offer! Grab Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Collection before it’s gone from PlayStation Store!

David Wolinsky

Limited Run Games CEO Josh Fairhurst has confirmed that the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Collection, featuring the NES game Bill & Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure and the Game Boy follow-up Bill & Ted’s Excellent Portable Adventure, will no longer be available for purchase on the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, and Xbox Marketplace after the end of 2023. The removal is due to the expiration of the IP license.

This announcement gives gamers who are interested in the collection a limited time to buy it before it is no longer available. Those who purchase the collection will still be able to play and re-download it even after its removal.

For gamers who prefer physical copies, the collection will be available for purchase as part of a closeout sale on Limited Run Games’ website.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Collection offers players the chance to embark on a bodacious role-playing adventure with the San Dimas Duo. Travel through space and time, encounter famous historical figures, and save the world to earn the respect they deserve. The collection promises an exciting and cosmic gaming experience.

Limited Run Games’ decision to remove the collection from digital marketplaces highlights the complexity of licensing agreements in the gaming industry. This scenario is not uncommon, with various publishers occasionally removing games to comply with licensing terms. Gamers are advised to seize the opportunity to acquire Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Collection before it becomes unavailable.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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