Unleash Your Inner Warrior: Bayonetta Origins’ Highest Difficulty Now Accessible with Exclusive ‘Platinum Code’

David Wolinsky

Bayonetta Origins players who found the game’s difficulty setting too accessible can now enjoy a higher and more challenging setting from the start with a ‘Platinum Code’ shared by developer PlatinumGames. By inputting ‘↑ ↓ ← → X B Y A’ into the main menu the ‘Forbidden Tale’ difficulty will be unlocked, without the need to complete the story. In this mode, enemies will be more numerous, and they’ll also inflict more damage, making the game more exciting than ever.

Although Bayonetta Origins was released in March, this information was only shared recently with the players, leaving them wondering about why the developer kept the difficulty setting a secret for so long. If you’re looking for a satisfying challenge, why not give it a go and see if you can survive this intense and thrilling mode.


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