Armored Core 6: Key Art Leaks Online via Xbox Pre-Install Trick


Key art for the highly anticipated game Armored Core 6 has surfaced online via an Xbox console pre-install trick. A Reddit user claims to have been given the image as a screensaver after using the trick to install the game. The image features the main mech amidst a decayed society, which is characteristic of the Armored Core series. However, what stands out is the sky in the background, which has an unusual pink or reddish hue. This could hint at some interesting plot points and Earth-shattering events in the game.

Although there is no official news on the launch date of Armored Core 6, fans of the series can take solace in the fact that the game was recently rated in Korea. This news indicates that the game could be released sooner than expected. FromSoftware is also working on another major project, the Elden Ring DLC, which had some news about it revealed earlier this year.

This is exciting news for fans of both the Armored Core and Soulsborne series. After over a decade, they have something to look forward to. Players can find more information on upcoming games of 2023 in our games guide.

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