PS5 Owner Warns of ‘Fake’ Games Being Sold at Amazon


A PS5 owner has recently warned their fellow PS5 owners of the situation of buying “fake” games on Amazon’s online retail. The owner reportedly purchased a new and legitimate copy of Wild Hearts on Amazon, yet they received an “elaborate fake” DVD-RW disc instead of a standard PS5 game disc. The packaging of the fake game was surprising because it was enclosed in a genuine game case plastic wrap along with its cover art. After attempting to play the game on their console, the PS5 user raised the issue on Reset Era, a well-known gaming forum.

The PS5 owner opened the game box to find a legit game case, complete with genuine wrapping and cover art but fitted with a fraudulent DVD-RW disc. The Reset Era user immediately put the disc in a computer and found out that it was a blank DVD-RW. The Reddit user then proceeded to report this to the gaming community, but neither Amazon nor the video game company, EA, have issued a statement shedding light on the incident.

Amazon is known for its easy exchange and refund policy, and the possibility of retailers issuing exchanges and refunds for such “fake” physical copies of games could raise a considerable concern for the online retailer giant.

While not official news, this incident suggests that Amazon should take better measures to address these types of issues. Nevertheless, the legitimacy of the incident has arisen questions, and it remains unconfirmed whether the story of the PS5 owner is legit or just an elaborate hoax.

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