Get ready for the ultimate battle: Call of Duty board game set to take gaming world by storm amidst Xbox’s acquisition!

David Wolinsky

With the Xbox parent company, Microsoft, in the final stages of acquiring publisher Activision Blizzard, the future of Call of Duty on PlayStation platforms is uncertain. However, Call of Duty fans may take solace in the upcoming Call of Duty board game. It is touted as being one of the most innovative entries in the COD franchise in years, in the tabletop strategy gaming category.

The board game will feature miniatures of the iconic soldiers and weapons from the Call of Duty franchise, a variety of scenarios and gameplay modes. The Kickstarter campaign for the project will be held later in 2023, with a projected retail launch set for 2024.

Some have wondered why the video game company would want to launch a Kickstarter campaign for this project. Perhaps, it is to help build a community of Call of Duty board game players, or for some other reason. Either way, the board game may symbolize a glimmer of hope for Call of Duty fans who are worried about the exclusivity of the game on Xbox platforms only.

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