Over 50 Games to Leave PlayStation Plus Next Month


Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting fewer games next month, as over 50 games are set to leave the service in May 2023.

The list of games leaving PlayStation Plus includes 31 games from its Extra and Premium tiers, and 19 games in the PlayStation Plus Collection offer, which is closing down for good. Among the 31 games are some popular titles such as Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Marvel’s Spider-Man (the standard/Game of the Year Edition), and Resident Evil.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Plus Collection, which offers games for all subscribers across its three tiers, will soon no longer be available. Players must claim the games on a PS5 console by May 9 and can keep playing the titles as long as they have an active subscription to the service. The 19 games that are part of this collection include games like Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, God of War 2018, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, among others.

If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, make sure to grab these games before they are gone. If not, then now is your chance to subscribe to the service and expand your game collection. Remember, these games won’t be available on PlayStation Plus forever!


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