Big News: Nintendo Switch Online Set to Get 3DS Games Following DS Release!

Hayley Williams

Nintendo Switch Online has been adding classic games from its iconic consoles since its launch starting with the NES, and its most recent addition was Game Boy and GBA games earlier this year. Now, fans are expecting more game representation from handhelds to be added to Nintendo Switch Online in the future.

The addition of a collection of DS games to the Nintendo Switch Online service would be one of the most exciting libraries yet because of many iconic games on the handheld. To give more representation to handhelds, another dual-release with 3DS games could also make a splash. This is because just as the Game Boy and GBA are closely linked, so too are the DS and 3DS. If DS games do make their way to Nintendo Switch Online sometime in the future, adding a 3DS library could be beneficial to the service at the same time.

Looking at the Game Boy and GBA games added on the Switch, it is essential to note that both libraries were added simultaneously. There is an expectation that Nintendo should do the same if DS games come to the Switch. Anything less than that may mean minimal games included in the DS catalog and could be a disappointment for fans.

The Game Boy and GBA libraries are rather thin compared to other consoles, and adding the same amount of games to a DS library means adding a 3DS catalog would give Nintendo Switch Online subscribers much more to enjoy. Not only would DS games on Switch seem like a more worthwhile addition, but it would help subscribers feel like they’re getting much more for their money.

With the introduction of the Switch, Nintendo phased out its usual handheld consoles in favor of the current hybrid model. The 3DS now serves as Nintendo’s last true handheld console, and if 3DS games are added to the Switch, it could provide the ultimate collection of handheld games. This would make NSO (Nintendo Switch Online) service much more valuable and serve to preserve the legacy of the 3DS and Nintendo’s handheld history.

Nintendo’s classic game catalogs got a massive boost from the introduction of Game Boy and GBA games, and fans hope the library of essential DS games will come soon. If the dual-screen handheld console does eventually make its way to the Switch, it could be in Nintendo’s best interest to have 3DS games follow close behind. Nintendo Switch would become an even greater must-have console by having all of Nintendo’s previous handhelds under one system.

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